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Nov 29, 2018

On today’s episode,  I am sharing the incredible story of Peter Fasolo who is the chief of human resources Johnson and Johnson. 

Peter is responsible for the well being of the employees at Johnson and Johnson and is the newly appointed board member of Save the Children.

Having worked with children for over a decade, it was truly an honor to speak with Peter about their partnership with Save the children. They have made it their mission to prevent any child from dying from preventable diseases around the world.

They have teamed up this year to produce a new social platform called Wisdom by Kids.

A platform that allows parents to share their children’s words on the Wisdom by Kids app as well as social media.

J&J will donate $1 for every wisdom shared and up to $1 million dollars to Save the children!

Listen on to learn about the incredible steps Johnson and Johnson has taken to invest in their employees well being as well as their incredible partnership with Save the Children.


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