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The Offbeat Life - Be Free. Work From Anywhere

Mar 11, 2024

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while. I have been inconsistent with my uploads and haven’t given you any new content lately. 


I’m so sorry about that, life has been pretty crazy lately. I’ve been busy with work, there have been lots of health issues and some heartbreaking losses I had to deal with, so I couldn’t keep up with the podcast, along with everything else. 


We will upload new episodes again, two guest episodes a month, and hopefully one solo episode. 


I can’t promise consistency because there are still some health issues I have to deal with and also work. But I will definitely still be here. 


I just wanted to follow up and explain why I haven't been around lately. Like many of you, things have been rough lately. If you’re going through the same things, I am with you and praying you will get through these turbulent times. 


Taking a break has been a blessing for me, and I hope you can do the same. 


Look out for all new episodes coming your way soon! 


Thanks for sticking with me and for your understanding. One day, I will share more about what has been happening. But right now, I am just trying to get through these rough times, and it’s still pretty painful to talk about. 


Thanks again, and I will catch up with you in the next episode!




Hey Offbeat Family, I really appreciate you listening to this episode. 


I would love to hear more from you and what you think of the podcast.


Contact me: