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Nov 26, 2018

This week I speak with Roberto DaCosta who is the founder of Vibe Branding-  a web marketing company.

Robert dove into being an entrepreneur and freelancer when he was let go from the company he was working in. Unlike most freelancers - Robert was not able to save money before leaving his job due to the sudden change.

But instead of giving up- he went from zero to 100 and started his own company.

Today he is running a successful web marketing business and works remotely.

Listen on to find out how to overcome challenges faced by entrepreneurs.


Want to know how to overcome the biggest challenge of being a freelancer? 

One of the trickiest things about being a freelancer is achieving financial stability for the long- term. Unpredictable income and costs, such as taxes, can make it difficult to save.

bSolo helps you save by setting aside a percentage of your earnings and automatically pays your taxes each quarter. Through their self-service dashboard, you have the freedom to make deposits to and withdrawals out of your account, adjust your tax settings, and change your filing status.

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