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Jan 14, 2019

This week I am so excited to speak with Steve Adcock who runs the blog

Steve and his wife Courtney have been able to retire early and travel in an Airstream cross country.

Before making retiring early and travel as their priority Steve and his wife worked in a normal 9-5 and accumulated a lot of stuff like many of us.

One day Steve looked at the fancy cars and the big house he worked so hard for and realized it did not make him happy.

So, Steve and Courtney began to think, plan and save for early retirement. And 5 years later they were able to save enough money to do early retirement in their mind 30's.

Early retirement and travel may seem like a huge and impossible step for many, but Steve was able to prove that it can be done by anyone (even without a trust fund or winning the lott0) as long as you have the self-discipline and drive.

Listen on to find out how early retirement and travel can be achieved!


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