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Oct 31, 2018

I am so excited to be sharing the journey of an incredible story teller and story finder, Margaret Gurowitz - who is the Chief Historian at Johnson & Johnson.

She is also the curator of the exhibits in Johnson & Johnson Our Story The Power House, the companies museum. (You can find more information at 

Margaret has a unique job as the Chief Historian since she is responsible for bringing to life the heritage of Johnson  & Johnson for their employees as well as the public.

As the company historian, Margaret researches and tells stories to illustrate Johnson & Johnson’s heritage of innovation and caring from the past to the present. 

She has also created the Kilmer House blog  which shares J&J’s rich history.

I first met Margaret when I visited the Johnson & Johnson museum. Her unique way of bringing history to life really stood out to me and I am so excited to share all the incredible stories that Margaret has unearth during her research in the archives of Johnson & Johnson! 

Listen on to find out how Johnson & Johnson values guides them from the past to the present.


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