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May 28, 2018

Have you ever wondered how say no to opportunities that do not serve your core values?

This week  I speak with Marsha Sharpe, who is the head of global sales and marketing at Song Division.  as well as a wholesome food advocate.

Marsha took a few twists and turns in her career. Working in real estate, then in international media sales where she represented brands such as Gucci, Marie Claire and The New York Times.

Marsha always thought she would work and live in Australia, but her plans changed after meeting her husband Andy.

Marsha helped Andy create Song Division, a company that provides unique team building experiences through music.

Their company has since grown to provide services in the United Kingdom, United States, Asia, and Australia. They have worked with Virgin, Microsoft, Condenast and so much more.

Since starting their company in 2003, Marsha and Andy have lived in various cities and today work remotely from their home in Maui.

Throughout her journey, Marsha has learned how to say no to opportunities that do not serve her core values and having been diagnosed with endometriosis, Marsha has become an advocate of wholesome foods which has helped her with chronic pain.