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May 21, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to appreciate the imperfect moments of travel?

This week  I speak with Lia Garcia who is a full time travel blogger.

Like many of us, Lia worked at a 9-5 for several years before realizing that she needed something more in her life.

Although Lia enjoyed her job, she still felt unfulfilled… until she began travel blogging.

Lia started a blog when she and her husband Jeremy took a yearlong honeymoon.

What started out as a hobby became her source of fulfillment and several years later, Lia was able to quit her day job to become a full time blogger.

One of the main reasons Lia was able to leave her job was due to Mediavine. A company that helps content creators build a sustainable business through ad partnerships on their website.

After hitting 25K views per month Lia was able to make money from her site, and today she earns half of her income from Mediavine alone!

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Today, Lia continues to travel the world with her hubby Jeremy while providing humorous and useful tips that encourages her audience to travel authentically.

On this episode, Lia shares how to travel on your own terms and appreciate the imperfect moments of travel.

This interview was so much fun to do, because Lia and I were in San Francisco along with other amazing travel bloggers. It was so wonderful to meet the ladies that I have admired from afar and learn their tips and tricks!

Lia gives a lot of incredible tips and tricks so enjoy the show!