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Apr 30, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to support your partner's outrageous dreams?

This week is a very special episode because not only am I talking to my partner in life Aaron, but it is also our 15 year anniversary! Say whaa!

I know it sounds cliche but time has really passed by and there has been a lot of ups and downs along the way.

Aaron and I have had a lot of outrageous dreams together and have even opened a few businesses that either failed or our interest fizzled out. But through it all, we have been each other's constant support and today we are sharing our journey and what the last 15 years have been like.

We answer some of the most asked questions we get such as: Why aren't you married yet? How do you keep a healthy relationship and support each other's dreams?

So we sat down and answered some of these questions and also a few insights on what has gotten us through the tough times and the high times as well.

Today, we are living in New York City where we continue to work in our day job while pursuing our dreams.

I am also really excited to reveal a few exciting news about the podcast and what is in store for the near future!

On this episode, Aaron and I discuss how to grow together through change and why you shouldn't settle for ordinary.

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