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Apr 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to go from flat-broke to financial badass?

This week, I talked to Erin Lowry who is the author of "The Broke Millennial" and a finance personal expert.

From an early age, Erin was learning a lot of valuable lessons from her parents on understanding the value of a dollar and the work that goes into earning money.

She has gone on to graduate college debt-free, moved to New York City and still saved while making next-to-nothing, while learning how to invest, and developed a skill for negotiation.

Today Erin travels around the country as a speaker promoting her highly successful book "The Broke Millenial" and continues to help others Get their financial life together #GYFLT.

On this episode, Erin shares how to spend money on what you value the most and how to go from flat-broke to financial badass.

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