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Mar 19, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to create a million dollar blog while full time RVing?

This week, I talked to Michelle Schroeder-Garder who is the brains behind Making Sense of Cents. A financial blog that teaches people how to earn more, save more, live more.

With almost 40K in school debt, Michelle created her blog Making Sense of Cents to improve her finances, track her improvements and help her readers improve their finances.

A few years later and Michelle not only improved her finances by getting out of school debt in 7 seven months, but is now making over 100K a month as a full time blogger!

Today Michelle is living her best life by touring North America and living in an RV with her husband and dogs.

On this episode, Michelle shares how to create a million dollar blog while full time RVing and how to live an experience rich life without debt.


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